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About Us

In a processed, additive, and genetically modified world, it is hard to find products that are natural and contain ingredients that are not made in a laboratory. The founders of Numbered Curls struggled to find organic beauty and body care products as they suffer from food and skin allergies. Their search for all things organic was not birthed from preference, but from an essential need. As a result, they stopped searching for products and started to create their own.

Sustainability, environmental friendliness, body wellness, and overall health are at the heart of our brand. When it comes to the word "natural" and "organic," our goal is to reset your expectations and show how we stand out from the  current market. We care about what goes into our products because our products will go into and be put onto you! We value life and health and reflect this through the love that we put into each item that we carry. Why? Because looking good and feeling good should be natural...

"And the very hairs on your head are all numbered." 

~ Luke 12:7

Regards, Co-Founders: Kristine & Melissa